Potassium Iodate

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CAS No.  7758-05-6
Mol. Formula  KIO3
Mol. Weight  214
Category  Topical Antiseptic & Source of Iodine
Description  White crystalline powder
Solubility Slowly soluble in water, insoluble in Ethanol (96%).
Clarity & colour of solution  5 % solution is clear and colourless
pH of 5 % solution  Between 5 and 8
Iodide Not more than 20 ppm
Sulphate Not more than 50 ppm
Heavy metals Not more than 20 ppm
Loss on drying  Not more than 0.5 % w/w
Assay  Between 99 and 100.5 % w/w

Uses: It is sometimes used for iodination of table salt. It is used as source for iodine, as an antiseptic. It is also an ingredient in baby formula milk.

Standard Packing: 25 Kg Fibre Drum / HDPE Drum with double inner polythene bag.

pdf  Potassium Iodate MSDS